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Powerlace creates "paradigm shifting" auto-lacing shoe

Good Thinking
Powerlace creates "paradigm shifting" auto-lacing shoe
It isn't quite a match for the Nike MAGs from Back to the Future II, but the Powerlace auto-lacing shoe is bang on schedule, and its creators hope it will cause reverberations throughout the shoe industry. read more
NASA prepares to wake New Horizons ahead of historic Pluto flyby
In what must be history's longest distance wake up call, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft comes out of hibernation on December 6. The spacecraft will be put through a month-long preparation for its six month flyby of Pluto, with the primary phase of the mission slated to begin on January 15. read more
Shelby Mustang GT350 packs over 500 horsepower
Ford has revealed the Shelby Mustang GT350. Powered by the most powerful naturally aspirated engine Ford has ever produced, the GT350 has been treated to a number of chassis upgrades to make it feel at home on the track. read more
Urban Transport
All aboard: Japan's maglev train hits 500 km/h
The Central Japan Railway Company has whisked passengers along a section of track at up to 500 km/h (311 mph) during testing of the levitating Shinkansen train. One hundred wide-eyed train enthusiasts were onboard the train's first manned voyage, with trials to continue over eight days. read more
Gigabit WiFi hubs to replace New York pay phones
High cellphone use has left the city of New York with many thousands of largely obsolete phones and phone booths along its streets. In an effort to find a use for this aging infrastructure, the city has re-imagined them as a new type of asset that will provide free 24-hour a day gigabit Wi-Fi. read more
Toyota launches its Fuel Cell Vehicle as the "Mirai"
On the night before its official launch, Toyota President Akio Toyoda announced that the company's fuel cell vehicle will be called the "Mirai." The name, which means "future" in Japanese, marks what the car maker sees as a turning point in automotive technology. read more
Rubbee 2.0 is better at boosting bikes
While there are plenty of add-on electric bicycle motors out there, the Rubbee takes a particularly interesting approach. The second version of the device is now available and it's reportedly easier to use, plus it'll take you farther. read more
Quadcopter and unmanned helicopter could work together to fight forest fires
Kaman's K-MAX UAS unmanned helicopter has delivered cargo in a combat zone, and it's been part of an autonomous air/ground mission. Now it's teamed up with a quadcopter in an exercise which suggests that the two could be used to fight forest fires. read more
Local Motors to commission a dozen custom 3D-printed hot rods
Local Motors is about to commission a tuned version of its 3D-printed car – 12 of them actually. At this year's SEMA Show, it opened up a new contest that will see 12 tuners customize an all-new model. read more
Honda's FCV takes fuel cell vehicle concept a step farther
A year ago this month, Honda unveiled its hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCEV Concept. Yesterday in Japan, Honda revealed a refined version of the FCEV, in the form of the FCV Concept. read more
Mobile Technology
HTC Desire Eye review: Come for the selfies, stay for everything else
If you're anything like me, the mere mention of "selfie phone" will be enough to make you run for the hills. But HTC's new Desire Eye is the rare novelty phone that backs up its niche focus with a damn good overall experience. Read on, for Gizmag's quick review. read more
Urban Transport
Eurostar celebrates 20th anniversary with new e320 trains
Eurostar, the rail system that links the UK to continental Europe through the Eurotunnel, is turning 20. As part of the celebration, the company is adding a new fleet of high-tech e320 trains made by Siemens. The trains are faster and feature Wi-Fi. read more
Home Entertainment
BTunes brings wireless freedom to existing headphones
BTunes plugs into the audio port of premium cabled headphones such as Beats Studio, Bose Quiet Comfort and V-Moda Crossfade M-100, allowing music lovers to to use preferred headphones and enjoy the convenience of cable-free streamed music. read more
Istanbul New Airport will be one of world's busiest, with world's largest terminal
New images have been released of Turkey's planned Istanbul New Airport. The facility will replace the existing Ataturk Airport. In addition to being one of the busiest airports in the world, it will have the largest terminal under one roof of any airport, according to project architects Grimshaw. read more
Mobile Technology
Nokia re-enters the hardware game with familiar-looking N1 tablet
While Nokia may have relinquished its hold on the Lumia brand, it's not finished making hardware just yet. The company has never been famous for its tablets, but the N1 looks to be a solid offering, with a sharp 7.9-inch panel, 64-bit processor and the latest version of Android. read more
Stanford researchers develop earthquake-resistant house prototype
A team of engineers based at California's Stanford University has developed a new method of building new earthquake-resistant homes that could be implemented relatively easily and inexpensively. read more
Artist creates nanosculptures smaller than a human hair
A statue so tiny that it cannot be seen by the naked eye has been produced using a new 3D printing technique. Measuring a picayune 20 x 80 x 100 microns, it's claimed the smallest sculpture of the human form ever created. read more
Grand Convertible could be Bentley's "most sophisticated" topless model
If your hard-top GT isn't letting you feel the wind in your hair, a solution may be around the corner. Bentley's has unveiled its new Grand Convertible, which it hopes will redefine the luxury of open air driving. The car is currently a concept, but will go into production if there is demand. read more
Green-roofed kindergarten constructed in Vietnam
Vietnam's Vo Trong Nghia Architects recently constructed a charming kindergarten for the children of low-income workers based at an adjacent shoe factory that features several examples of good green design. read more
GPS satellites to aid in hunt for elusive dark matter
Recent research has suggested that the orbiting GPS network could be used to detect waves of dark matter that pass between them and the surface of the Earth by measuring any inconsistencies detected in on-board atomic clock time signals. read more
DNone designed to protect a dreadnought from travel trauma
Timbre Cases is readying its tough dreadnought-shaped DNone instrument travel case for release, which features a shock absorbent, water-resistant outer shell, humidity control and recessed wheels. read more

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