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WaveNET – the floating, flexible wave energy generator

WaveNET – the floating, flexible wave energy generator
Scotland's Albatern is putting a modular spin on renewable energy generation. WaveNET is a scalable array of floating "Squid" generator units that convert wave energy into electricity, as their buoyant arms rise and fall with the motion of the waves. The bigger the grid, the more efficient it gets. read more
Uber's Android app caught reporting data back without permission
Security researcher GironSec has pulled Uber's Android app apart and discovered that it's sending a huge amount of personal data back to base – including your call and SMS logs. read more
Mercedes expands CLA lineup to include the Shooting Brake
Mercedes continues to expand its lineup into new niches with the new CLA Shooting Brake, which takes the CLA's four-door compact body and adds a more usable load bay, for people who want the practicality of a wagon coupled with the CLA's slick styling. read more
Converting human waste into rocket fuel
Human waste produced on space missions is currently stored in containers before being loaded into cargo vehicles that burn up as they pass through Earth's atmosphere. Now researchers have found a better use for the material, by developing a process to turn it into rocket fuel. read more
Mirror coating to cool buildings by pumping interior heat into space
Engineers at Stanford University have come up with a new ultrathin, multilayered, nanophotonic material that not only reflects heat away from buildings, but also directs heat from inside out into space, cooling both the building and the planet as well. read more
Urban Transport
Carbon Black might just be the coolest wheelchair on the block
Since breaking his back at 14, Andrew Slorance has dreamt of reinventing the wheelchair. Now the the former TV journalist is finally setting the wheels in motion. The Carbon Black is a sleek, minimalistic design aimed at giving wheelchair users an efficient and stylish new way of getting around. read more
Eco-Motive's H-Motor splits a dual-fuel engine into two more efficient halves
American inventor Herns Louis has come up with an interesting way to reduce inefficiencies inherent in regular dual-fuel motors. His H-motor design splits the cylinder banks of a dual-fuel motor into separate engines that can each be tuned specifically for a single fuel source. read more
Test drive: Ford Kuga SUV
The new Kuga is Ford 's latest foray into the medium SUV market and despite some stiff competition, it packs enough ammunition to make its presence felt – particularly in the driver assist technology department. We spent two weeks with the Kuga to discover how all this high-tech gadgetry plays out. read more
Bontrager TLR Flash Charger pump delivers a blast of air to wily tubeless tires
Tubeless tires are pretty much standard on higher-end mountain bikes now, but they do have one drawback – you need to use a CO2 cartridge or an air compressor to put the things on. Bontrager has set out to change that, with its TLR Flash Charger pump. read more
First object 3D-printed in space aboard ISS
The first 3D printer in space has run off its first object aboard the ISS. The item was a faceplate embossed with "NASA and Made In Space, Inc" and is part of a NASA effort aimed at producing spare parts for long-range space flights and greatly simplifying mission logistics. read more
Carbon Flyer could be your own li'l stealth fighter
Trident Design's remote-control Carbon Flyer has the form factor of a paper plane, but features carbon fiber construction, LED running lights, and an onboard video camera. read more
New robotic walker helps patients walk with a natural gait
It can be a laborious business, teaching people to walk again. Soon, however, a robotic walker developed at the National University of Singapore could make the process considerably easier. read more
MagLOCK offers a magnetic take on clipless pedals
Some cyclists find "clipless" pedals too difficult to quickly get out of. Additionally, they don't work well with regular, non-cleated footwear. That's why Salt Lake City-based mechanical engineer David Williams has created the MagLOCK bike pedal. read more
Mobile Technology
Amazon offloading Fire Phone stock with $199 off-contract price
Amazon isn't exactly setting the world on fire with its Fire Phone. We didn't think the "gimmicky and overpriced phone" was worth picking up in our review, and the company is doing away with the second part of that issue now, as it has dropped the off-contract price to US$199. read more
NASA requests comment on airship challenge
NASA has submitted a request for information in order to gauge the interest regarding a potential airship design challenge. The agency hopes that the "20-20-20 Airship Challenge" would incentivize the development of innovative airships for scientific and commercial purposes. read more
New York's Lowline subterranean park pipes sunlight underground
Squeezing public spaces into cities that are increasingly built-up gets ever more difficult. One unusual solution is to build such spaces underground. That's the plan for New York's planned Lowline park, which will see an old trolley terminal renovated and illuminated with sunlight via fiberoptics. read more
Hexoskin ventures into the cold with Arctic biometric smart shirt
Hexoskin has announced a new version of its crowdfunded smart fitness vest. The Arctic smart shirt doesn't make any changes to the already solid fitness tracking specs, but offers a new design and custom material designed to keep the user warm in more extreme environments. read more
Ocean Spiral underwater city designed to harness deep sea potential
An increasing world population means more strain on resources, and requires increasingly innovative solutions. Japanese firm Shimizu has come up with one such idea. Ocean Spiral is an underwater city that seeks to make use of the ocean's rich resources. read more
Good Thinking
Off-grid kiosk brings education and internet to Nigeria
Hello Hub is a solar-powered outdoor kiosk that features two touchscreen computers loaded with educational software, and an internet connection to help kids and adults in Nigeria learn and get online. read more
Bio-Electric-Hybrid-Aircraft concept aims to quietly rule the skies
Fitted with electric engines, triple wings, solar panels, and a bio-diesel generator, the Faradair BEHA concept is intended to be one of the world's quietest, most efficient and environmentally friendly commercial aircraft ever created. read more
Michelin opens first plant dedicated to production of airless tires
A punctured tire is the definition of a bad day, but Michelin is taking some of the sting out as it announces the opening of its newest North American plant, which the company says is the first in the world dedicated to the manufacture of airless tires. read more

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