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University of Washington fusion reactor promises "cheaper than coal" energy

University of Washington fusion reactor promises "cheaper than coal" energy
Engineers at the University of Washington (UW) are working on a fusion reactor that, when scaled up, could produce energy on a practical scale, yet at a cost rivaling that of a conventional coal-powered plant. read more
Scientists close in on diabetes cure with production of insulin-producing cells
Stem cell researchers at Harvard University have created large quantities of human insulin-producing beta cells, which could soon lead to a cure for type 1 diabetes as well as a new treatment for type 2 diabetes. The cells are currently being trialled in animals and non-human primates. read more
Mobile Technology
Earity wireless earbuds feature a little voice control
While various wireless headphones have emerged to tackle the problem posed by perpetually tangled cords, the team behind Earity is looking to take this convenience one step further. Its pair of Bluetooth-enabled earbuds allow the wearer to screen phone calls using only their voice. read more
Mind-controlled mechatronic prosthetics now a reality
A Swedish man has recently celebrated a milestone in robotic prostheses technology by using a bone-fused prosthetic device that is controlled by his own thoughts for more than a full year, and with reportedly exceptional results. read more
Ferrari celebrates 60 years in America with the F60America
Ferrari has been in America for 60 years, and is celebrating the milestone with the (very) limited-run V12 F60America convertible. Powered by the V12 engine from the F12 Berlinetta, the F60America will sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.1 seconds. read more
HMS Ocean receives all-in-one computer system
BAE Systems and Ministry of Defence's (MoD) Maritime Combat Systems is deploying a new system on the helicopter carrier HMS Ocean that hosts software across multiple systems, allowing the crew to access software from navigation, communications, sonar, and other combat systems from a single console. read more
Pioneer packs latest in-car tech into rearview mirror telematics module
Japan's Pioneer Corporation has developed one way to keep up with the motoring digital Joneses in the form of its rearview mirror telematics unit – a wireless information module that fits over a car's original rearview mirror. read more
Divine DS points to Citroën's luxurious future
Among all of the exciting cars on the floor at the Paris Motor Show, some of the best metal came from French manufacturers making the most of their home-ground advantage. Citroën used its stand to display a luxurious concept of what its future flagship could look like. read more
Good Thinking
Zubits are designed to make shoe-tying obsolete
The tying and untying of your shoelaces may not be way up there on your list of everyday hassles, but hey – if you can get around doing it, why not? That's the idea behind Zubits. They're magnetized shoe closures, that take the place of bows. read more
New look Mercedes-Benz Vito available in front, rear and all-wheel drive
Mercedes-Benz has rolled out the latest generation of its Vito – a restyled, re-engineered take on the mid-size van introduced in 1996. It's aimed at a wider market with a variety of drivetrains and lengths, as well as a redesigned crew cabin. read more
In Pictures: Automakers get adventurous in Paris
In addition to being a world fashion capital, France is a breeding ground for adventure. Perhaps that's why the 2014 Paris Motor Show had such a large serving of special edition 4x4s, burlified mini SUVs and concepts straight-out named "Adventure." read more
The Droppi aims to keep "home-alone" pets entertained
An Australian company is entering the growing market of automated dispensers for pets, with a new product called The Droppi. It can dispense a wide array of treats and toys, and allows users to record a message. read more
Digital Cameras
Ricoh announces WG-30 and WG-30W waterproof cameras
Amateur underwater photographers will have a couple of new camera options to choose from in the coming months. That's when Ricoh will be releasing its new WG-30 and WG-30W cameras, both of which are submersible to a depth of 12 meters (39 ft). read more
Good Thinking
DIY gun folds and shoots paper airplanes
The ability to fold a reasonably functional paper airplane isn't something that everyone possesses. If you're one of those people, then perhaps this is what you need – a device that takes multiple flat pieces of ordinary paper, folds each one into an airplane, then shoots it into the air. read more
Inventors and Remarkable People
Super-resolved fluorescence microscopy pioneers awarded 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
This year's winners of the Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, Eric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell, and William E. Moerner, are honored for their discovery of two methods to bypass the physical limits of optical microscopes to create the field of nanomicroscopy. read more
Mobile Technology
Review: BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry's latest smartphone is its most innovative release for years, but does it do enough to make it worth considering among a sea of worthwhile competition? Read on as we take a close look at the Passport. read more
Ping-pong playing robot unveiled in Japan
Japanese firm Omron has developed a new ping-pong-playing robot that, although not capable of taking on and beating even a semi-skilled human player, is capable of entering into long rallies with human players. read more
Mobile Technology
App promises gesture control for unmodified mobile devices
With fingers often obscuring touchscreen displays, Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a new app that brings gesture control to mobile devices using their existing built-in cameras. read more
Health and Wellbeing
Prosthetic hand capable of delivering texture sensations
A new prosthetic system allows amputees to feel familiar sensations and also, somewhat unexpectedly, reduces their phantom pain. Test patients were able to discern materials of different textures while blindfolded and to hold soft or brittle objects without crushing them. read more


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