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Blu-ray discs could help make better solar cells

Blu-ray discs could help make better solar cells
According to researchers from Northwestern University, Blu-ray discs are not only superior to DVDs in capacity and definition, they could also help markedly improve the efficiency of solar cells when their etched information patterns are repurposed for use as light concentrators. read more
The new Ford Explorer, ZR2 concept and other trucks of the LA Auto Show
The 2014 LA Auto Show was a car lovers' paradise, but there was also a smattering of trucks, including the all-new Ford Explorer and Chevy Colorado ZR2 concept pickup. Our truck gallery spans future-looking concept SUVs, classics dating back as far as the 1920s, and jacked-up customs. read more
Around The Home
Key Ingredient serves up its latest recipe tablet
If you spend hours trawling cooking blogs and scribbling notes, then storing recipes in the one place might seem like the best thing since Saran wrap. Built to endure the most chaotic of cooking environments, the Recipe Tablet taps into an online database to put endless recipes at your fingertips. read more
Wearable Electronics
LG G Watch R review: Second time's a charm
We recently took a look at two of the most stylish smartwatches around, the Moto 360 and Asus ZenWatch, but there's one more to add to that list. Read on, for Gizmag's review of the round-faced LG G Watch R. read more
Around The Home
Sonic Decanter: An (ultra)sound way to improve wine quality
The Sonic Decanter promises to improve the quality of your wine in 20 minutes or less by using high frequency sound waves to break down preservatives, such as sulfur dioxide, transform the molecular and chemical structure, and accelerate the aging process. read more
Cubic mixes Siri, Google Now and Samantha from "Her"
A Russian company is working to perfect an interesting new digital personal assistant that could bridge the gap between Google Now and Siri and more futuristic artificial intelligence concepts like Samantha, Joaquin Phoenix's digital companion in the movie Her. read more
Motus Sleeve aims to help baseball pitchers avoid injury
You've probably heard about baseball pitchers "throwing their arm out." In order to help avoid such injuries, and to assist pitchers in assessing their performance, biomechanics tech company Motus Global is introducing its Motus Sleeve. read more
Around The Home
Kohler's new toilet seat de-stinks the bathroom, but may turn you off of avocados
If you're like most people, you probably don't like leaving the bathroom smelling of "what you've done" after using the toilet. While spray cans may mask the odor, Kohler's new Purefresh toilet seat goes a step further – it filters the air right at the source, plus it adds a fresh scent. read more
BAE Systems develops advanced radar for Eurofighter Typhoon
BAE Systems is in the process of developing and testing a next-generation radar system for the Eurofighter Typhoon. The Captor E-Scan boasts a number of improvements over more traditional radar systems, including a wider field of regard, and the provision of advanced electronic warfare protection. read more
2014 best kids' tablets buying guide
Gizmag's guide to choosing the best kids tablet is here to help you identify which key features to look for in a child-friendly tablet, and to give you our pick of the best tablets for children. read more
Wearable Electronics
Pinć wants to bring virtual reality to mainstream computing
While most VR headsets place an emphasis on gaming, Canadian company Cordon Media believes that the technology is suited to everyday computing tasks. It intends to bring its vision to the masses via the Pinć headset, which is designed for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. read more
Good Thinking
Samsung eye-tracking tech lets disabled users browse the web
Samsung has announced a new, updated version of its eye-tracking mouse. Known as Eyecan+, the technology uses a combination of hardware and software to allow people with disabilities to browse the web, as well as compose and edit documents. read more
Good Thinking
Smart Kapp whiteboard shares content in real time
At times it may feel like the only thing less interesting than the meeting you're in is the whiteboard on which notes are being made. A new type of whiteboard, however, means that may no longer be the case. The Smart Kapp shares content on it in real time, and allows users to save snapshots. read more
Flow is designed to pick up where the mouse leaves off
When it comes to interacting with our devices, the mouse and the touchscreen are the predominate methods. Senic, the team behind a new device called Flow, is aiming to change that by adding quite a few new ways for users to interact with their computers, smartphones, and tablets. read more
Third Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium will keep pitch at 26 degrees Celsius
With the Al Wakrah and Al Bayt stadium designs already announced, a third design has now been unveiled for use at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The existing Khalifa International Stadium will be renovated to bring it up to current FIFA standards, and also have air cooling features fitted. read more
Underwater robot provides first detailed, high-resolution 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice
Antarctic scientists have made big gains in our knowledge of Antarctic sea ice thanks to an autonomous underwater vehicle that produced high-resolution 3D maps beneath previously-inaccessible ice floes. The new data suggests the ice may be thicker and more deformed than previously thought. read more
Wearable Electronics
Hush earplugs send you to sleep with soothing sounds
Trying to get to sleep when there's unwanted noise in the background can be a fruitless and frustrating experience. You could try and block out the noise with earplugs, but sometimes that's just not enough. The new Hush earplugs are controlled by a smartphone and mask noise with soothing sounds. read more
Wearable Electronics
British artist pledges 28 days in isolation wearing a VR headset
In a attempt to look at how our relationship with technology can potentially change our inherent identity, British artist Mark Farid is pledging to spend 28 days in isolation wearing a virtual reality headset. read more

The Name Your Own Price Must Have Mac Bundle
Make you days brighter (and more productive) with this bundle packed full of awesome Mac apps you're sure to love. Name your own price for Paperless, Data Backup 3, and Pixa, or pay more to receive 6 additional amazing apps including Typinator, plus an e-learning course for mastering them all. read more


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