Rosetta mission progresses to the comet escort phase

Rosetta mission progresses to the comet escort phase
As Philae begins its long sleep, mankind's attention shifts back to the Rosetta spacecraft as she begins the next phase of her mission. Over the course of the next year, Rosetta will become the first spacecraft to orbit and observe a comet as it approaches the Sun. read more
Good Thinking
Fidelity Labs employs Oculus Rift for a 3D view of investing
Fidelity Labs has unveiled a new way for investors to literally explore the investment landscape. Its online StockCity program displays an investment portfolio in the form of a city skyline, with an option to go 3D using an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. read more
Platelet-like nanoparticles improve on nature to stem the blood flow
Researchers at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) have now synthesized nanoparticles that mimic the form and function of platelets, but can do more than just accelerate the body's natural healing processes. read more
Urban Transport
BMW joins the fold with Mini CitySurfer electric scooter concept
There's been no shortage of folding electric scooters to emerge lately, but these have largely been the handiwork of start-ups and idealistic entrepreneurs. BMW has now signaled an intention to get in on the action, unveiling an electric vehicle concept inspired by the old-fashioned kick scooter. read more
Wearable Electronics
LaserWatch has a burning desire to tell you what time it is
Should you ever be captured while checking out a crazed villain's secret headquarters, it's entirely possible that a burning laser might provide you with your only means of escape. That's why our favorite laser weapons hobbyist, Patrick Priebe, has created a "Bond-inspired LaserWatch." read more
Scion iM Concept previews production model
Scion has given the public a sneak peek at what its new five-door compact hatchback will look like – more or less – at the LA Auto Show. Called the iM Concept, a production version of the car is scheduled to arrive in dealerships sometime next year. read more
Mobile Technology
Corning announces more drop-resistant Gorilla Glass 4
While it's nice to have a smartphone with glass that won't break when jabbed or flexed, what most of us really need is glass that can survive being dropped. Corning's just-announced Gorilla Glass 4 is claimed to excel at just that. read more
Wearable Electronics
The Xoo Belt charges your phone while holding your trousers up
The Xoo Belt is a belt which hides flexible batteries capable of charging your smartphone on the go. Thankfully, as you would expect from a belt, it also holds your trousers up. read more
Home Entertainment
Review: Archt One is tops for all-in-one Bluetooth sound
Gizmag reviews a wireless sound system that delivers big sound in an all-in-one package that's currently tearing it up on Kickstarter. read more
Former missile silos turned into luxury disaster survival condos
When a major natural disaster or nuclear war strikes, survival will be the main priority for most us. For some, though, the biggest problem will be deciding whether to watch a movie or go for a swim. Residents at the luxury Survival Condo resort will be safe, secure and not short of entertainment. read more
Subaru revs up TV screens with Viziv GT Vision Gran Turismo
The grand parade of Vision Gran Turismos continues. Subaru took the cloth off a Vision Gran Turismo design based on the VIZIV 2 concept it showed earlier this year, hanging a dramatic body kit on an already eye-catching concept car. The car packs 591 hp of turbo hybrid power. read more
Digital Cameras
Sony reveals the A7 II with 5-axis image stabilization
Sony has revealed the A7 II full frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The new camera features a number of key upgrades over its predecessors including 5-axis image stabilization, which is a first in a full frame camera. read more
Around The Home
Pantelligent is one smart frying pan
Cooking can be hard. The team at Pantelligent are aiming to make the process a little easier, though, by allowing users to connect their "smart" frying pan to a smartphone to monitor temperature and cook time ... taking the guesswork out of pan cooking. read more
Off-grid Malawi school built using shipping containers
Architecture for a change recently built an off-grid community center and school in Malawi that makes use of shipping containers but attempts to mitigate solar heat gain with an open design and walls which open to turn the classrooms into semi-outdoor spaces. read more
Lexus takes the lid off exhibitionist LF-C2 GT concept
Lexus is letting it all hang out at the LA Auto Show with a new GT concept. In simple terms, the LF-C2 has a stylish and sporty-looking design. More notably, it has no top of which to speak and is said to be an indication of the carmaker's "future, bolder styling direction." read more
New type of silicon could find use in solar cells and LEDs
Scientists at the Carnegie Institution for Science have synthesized a new zeolite-type form of silicon that can conduct electricity and absorb and emit light more efficiently than the diamond-structured form used in semiconductor technologies, with a plethora of potential real-world applications. read more

Doxie Go: Scan Documents Anywhere, Anytime
Doxie scans everything from bills and receipts to reports, drawings, recipes, notes, business cards, photos, and everything else – wherever you are, no computer required – just charge it up and turn it on. And the best part? Doxie syncs to your Mac or PC and helps you organize scans, create searchable PDFs, and send to the cloud (Dropbox, iCloud Drive, & Evernote) with a click. It's the ultimate, simple way to go paperless. read more


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