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Could electric clay be the world's next wonder-material?

Could electric clay be the world's next wonder-material?
Researchers at Drexel University have hit upon a conductive clay which they claim is an "exceptionally viable candidate" to replace the electrode materials used in batteries. Sure, another day another super material, but MXene, as it's called, does boast some rather intriguing properties. read more
Health and Wellbeing
Goodwell open-source toothbrush is built to last a lifetime
There's likely a lot of frayed bristles laying in landfill right now. But must our dental care devices take on such as short lifespan? The Goodwell toothbrush is a modern take on oral hygiene, built from eco-friendly materials and made to last until you haven't got any teeth left to brush. read more
Pulsar device detects if beef is actually a horse (meat) of a different color
The Institute of Food Research in Norwich and Oxford Instruments have developed a portable detector that can differentiate between horse meat and beef in about 10 minutes, yet is inexpensive and simple to use. read more
BMW announces plans to electrify its entire core range
BMW plans to eventually produce plug-in hybrid versions of all its core models. The electrification process will start with a 3 series prototype, and a group of plug-in hybrid concepts that can get around town on battery power alone, but can also burn some dinosaur bones on longer trips. read more
Practical magnetic levitating transmission gear system loses its teeth
Developed as part of the MAGDRIVE research project, a new frictionless transmission gear and corresponding contactless axles have been created using superconductor magnetic levitation. Aimed primarily for use in spacecraft, the system is also adaptable for use in automobiles, railways, and aircraft. read more
Palm-sized Zano drone has selfies in its sights
"Dronies" are a still relatively new phenomenon, but a growing number of early movers are rooting their products in the art of airborne self-portraiture. Zano is a palm-sized drone with an emphasis on portability, designed to be on-hand whenever you need to capture special moments from above. read more
Audi Prologue concept dives into the future of style and technology
Sometimes overlooked as a #3 in the German luxury car wars, Audi is making a determined push to get noticed. At the LA Auto Show, it provided a sneak peek at the future of its design, and that future looks as bright as its laser headlights. read more
The hoglet: Harley-Davidson's Street 500 "learner bike"
The learner Harley – it just sounds so wrong! But it's here. The Street 500 is the smallest and lightest Harley in decades, and it's built to be customized like its big brothers. At 492cc, 64 mpg and US$6700, with a low seat, it should compete well in markets with restricted license schemes. read more
Fisker-Galpin's bespoke 725 hp Mustang Rocket
The new Ford Mustang hasn't been out for long, but tuners are already beginning to explore what is possible when given the Mustang's coupe body and more sophisticated suspension setup. Fisker-Galpin has added power and a bespoke carbon fiber body to the Mustang for the Fisker-Galpin Rocket. read more
Seahorse incorporates your bike into a human-powered airboat
Back in the early 90s, MIT's Prof. Mark Drela created a human-powered hydrofoil known as the Decavitator. Inspired by the it, aerospace inventor Russell Randall created his own pedal-propelled airboat called the Seahorse – and you can now buy one of your own. read more
Graphene could find use in lightweight ballistic body armor
Recent studies have shown that graphene is 10 times better than steel at dissipating kinetic energy. That could make it an excellent choice for lightweight ballistic body armor. read more
BAE Systems and the Open University design atmospheric monitoring system for UK subs
BAE Systems and the Open University (OU) have teamed up to design a cutting edge atmospheric monitoring system for the UK's next generation of submarines. The system boasts a number of advancements over its predecessor, with many of the updates originating from the Rosetta comet chasing mission. read more
Autonomous robots are helping to pack your Amazon orders
From 1-Click shopping to the Fire phone, Amazon is known for its culture of innovation. Even its order fulfillment and logistics processes are highly refined, with talk of deliveries eventually being made by drones. Today, the firm has revealed how an army of robots runs its fulfillment centers read more
Home Entertainment
TEAC ushers in a new vinyl dawn with the TN-300 turntable
Audio systems manufacturer TEAC has announced a new hi-fi separate turntable named the TN-300 that embraces both the analog and digital worlds. read more

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