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Editors' choice: Top five smartphones of 2014

Mobile Technology
Editors' choice: Top five smartphones of 2014
2014 was quite the year for smartphones. Just when it looked like they had plateaued in all the key areas, phone-makers hit us with several amazing handsets during the last few months of the year. Join Gizmag, as we break down our five favorite smartphones of 2014. read more
Venus Express mission ends as fuel runs out
The European Space Agency's (ESA) eight-year Venus Express mission has come to an end. According to ESA, the spacecraft has exhausted its fuel and can no longer hold the correct attitude to maintain communications with Earth meaning it will soon burn up in the Venusian atmosphere. read more
Aston Martin recycles old engines into new special edition supercars
Aston Martin's latest special edition release goes beyond the usual custom equipment and trim, with each of the six individual Works 60th Anniversary models featuring metal recycled from the engine of a heritage Aston Martin. read more
Good Thinking
The top 10 things you CAN'T have for Christmas 2014
Every year we select the wildest examples of extravagance and luxury to have graced our pages throughout the year. Here's what you won't be getting for Christmas in 2014. read more
Scientists reduce blood sugar levels in mice by remote control
Sufferers of type 1 diabetes regularly need to inject themselves with insulin in order to regulate levels of sugar in their blood. But scientists have remotely manipulated insulin production in mice using electromagnetic waves suggesting more comfortable treatments may not be all that far away. read more
Mobile Technology
Battery-packed Power Pen doubles as a phone charger
External charging solutions are finding their way into everything from dedicated credit card-like devices to the countertop at your local Starbucks. Now a writing pen with a backup battery packed inside can be added to the list. read more
Digital Cameras
Polaroid's printing, web-sharing Socialmatic camera available for preorder
In long-awaited news for Instagram devotees, the Polaroid Socialmatic is now available for preorder. The camera has the ability to capture and print photos much like an original Polaroid, but is equipped with Wi-Fi to enable sharing over the internet and social media sites. read more
Experimental treatment could target individual cells deep inside the body
A new experimental, non-invasive medical technique is promising to precisely deliver drug-carrying metal nanorods anywhere inside the body and image tissue with cellular resolution. read more
Health and Wellbeing
CellScope's Oto HOME lets parents perform ear exams with a smartphone
Of all the reasons that children are taken to the pediatrician, ear infections are among the most common. That's why CellScope created the Oto HOME. It's a smartphone attachment that lets parents image the inside of their child's ear, and then show the video to a pediatrician via the internet. read more
X PlusOne drone hovers steady, but also flies nose-first at 60 mph
Various groups are working on delivery drones which take off and land vertically, but that can also tip sideways to transition into fixed-wing flight. If you're thinking that it would be neat to purchase a drone that could do the same thing, one may soon be available in the form of the X PlusOne. read more
CryoSat records small decrease in Arctic ice volume
The European Space Agency's CryoSat mission has returned its latest map of Arctic sea ice volumes, recording a slight decrease in thickness over previous measurements. The data flies in the face of the established downward trend, but is unlikely to indicate a shift in the accepted pattern. read more
Denmark city sensors track shopping habits at Christmas market
A city in Denmark is turning to a smart sensor network to monitor and analyze the impact of large-scale events, starting with its Christmas market. The tech tracks mobile phones and tablets to provide data that can be put to use in easing the flow of traffic, optimizing retail setups and more. read more
Home Entertainment
Audio-Technica supports push for high resolution mobile music with new earphones
Audio-Technica has launched a new range of SonicPro in-ear headphones, including the ATH-CKR10 and ATH-CKR9 earphones, which feature proprietary push-pull driver technology that's said to rival larger headphones for clarity and accuracy, particularly in the mids and highs. read more
RAAAF puts a new angle on the office of the future
Dutch firm RAAAF and visual artist Barbara Visser recently collaborated on a futuristic project appropriately titled The End of Sitting that challenges preconceptions of what an office workspace actually is. read more

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