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Five hidden features that make Android Lollipop worth the upgrade

Mobile Technology
Five hidden features that make Android Lollipop worth the upgrade
Android 5.0 Lollipop is a beautiful upgrade for the mobile operating system, but we also scratched the surface to find some of its more hidden but still quite useful new features. read more
BMW techs using Google Glass in pre-series vehicle tests
At its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, BMW is running a pilot program to see how Google Glass can improve the quality control of its pre-series vehicles as they make the transition from prototype to full production. read more
Home Entertainment
Review: Google's Nexus Player
Google's attempts to stake its claim in the living room have been a little hit and miss, with the well-received (and cheap) Chromecast falling into the hit camp. Now Google's it following up with the Nexus Player, which is the first device to run on Google's Android TV smart TV platform. read more
Scientists identify promising off-switch for chronic pain
Scientists at St Louis University have discovered that the brain pathway A3AR could be the key to mitigating chronic pain without some of the unwanted baggage, potentially pointing to new methods of therapeutic treatment. read more
Quantum memory storage to help quantum communications go the distance
Quantum technologies are becoming increasingly difficult to advance without memories able to appropriately store atomic-spin information. To help address this problem, scientists from the University of Warsaw claim to have developed a laser-driven atomic memory. read more
New electrolyte to enable cheaper, less toxic magnesium-sulfur-based batteries
New research from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) details the development of an electrolyte that can be used in new magnesium-sulfur battery cells that would be more efficient and inexpensive than the dominate types of batteries today. read more
Carnegie Mellon unveils Andy lunar rover
Carnegie Mellon University has announced the debut of Andy, a four-wheeled unmanned rover designed to explore the rough terrain and recently discovered pits of the Moon. The solar powered robot is CMU's entry for the US$20 million-plus Google Lunar XPrize. read more
Up close and personal with McLaren's incredible P1
McLaren's P1 needs little introduction: the hybrid-V8 powered hypercar sits in a realm where rivals are scarce, and performance figures are beyond comprehension: 0-100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 2.8 seconds. Gizmag got up close and personal with the car to see what the P1 was all about. read more
Wearable Electronics
LG G Watch R vs. Asus ZenWatch: In pictures
LG and Asus made two of the best-looking smartwatches of 2014. Let's take a quick look at the two fashionable Android Wear watches, the LG G Watch R and Asus ZenWatch. read more
Top 10 cycling innovations of 2014
Bicycle historians, take note – it's time once again to look back at 10 of the bike-related products that most caught our attention over the past year! We like 'em, because they're examples of what happens when people dare to try something different. read more
Venus Express gets one last boost of life
The European Space Agency's Venus Express unmanned probe is being put through a series of maneuvers in hopes that its remaining fuel can push the spacecraft into a higher orbit and give it a bit more life before it plunges into the Venusian atmosphere. read more
Line 6 starts home invasion with the AMPLIFi TT
Line 6 has added a new addition to its AMPLIFi range with the release of the TT guitar tone processor and Bluetooth audio streamer, which brings the system into the home, office, studio or campus. read more
Raise shields: Protective invisible barrier found surrounding Earth
The idea of putting a Star Trek-like force field around the entire Earth seems like the fodder for a fairly silly science fiction epic out of the 1930s, but according to space scientists, such a barrier already exists. read more
Good Thinking
Trunkster rolls up to baggage claim with GPS, battery and integrated scale
Trunkster is luggage that features a rolltop door, battery charger, integrated digital scale, GPS tracking, and improvements to the handle and wheels. read more
First known official Batmobile up for auction
The original Batmobile was the Lincoln Futura concept in the 1966 Batman television series – or was it? It turns out that the earliest known officially licensed Batmobile was built in 1963 and is going on auction at Heritage Auctions next month after receiving extensive restoration. read more
The Commons: Inside Australia's most sustainable apartment building
In Melbourne's inner-northern suburb of Brunswick stands a beacon of green and thoughtful design. The Commons is a beautiful five-story apartment block with sustainability emanating from every square foot, from the bicycle rack to the communal veggie garden on its roof. read more
Digital Cameras
SoloShot2 wants to be your robo-cameraperson
A couple of years ago, we first heard about the SoloShot. It's a robotic device that sits between a video camera and a tripod, automatically panning the camera to keep the subject centered in the shot. The SoloShot2 takes things a step further, most notably by also tilting the camera. read more
Wearable Electronics
Sony reportedly the Secret Santa behind this design-shifting e-paper watch
Last week saw electronic paper-toting wearable, the FES Watch, return to Japanese crowdfunding site. While the campaign is well on the way towards its funding goal under its own steam, a Sony spokesman has revealed to WSJ that the product is an undercover effort from the electronics giant. read more
Mobile Technology
NVC case brings infrared night vision to iPhone 6
We're now well within the midst of a gold rush, when it comes to smartphone cases that "do things." The Raspberry Pi-based NVC (Night Vision Camera) case has its own trick up its sleeve – it lets the iPhone 6 see in the dark. read more
Mobile Technology
Android 5.0 Lollipop review: The green robot grows up
Gizmag has spent some time with Android 5.0 Lollipop and now we share our impressions of the first major version release of Android in three years. read more
Mobile Technology
Five Windows 8.1 tablets under $200
Over the last six months we've seen the Windows 8.1 expand into a new category – the budget tablet. These devices combine functionality and low prices, and are genuine alternatives to the wealth of wallet-friendly Android tablets available this Christmas. read more
Rugged COFFEEBOXX coffee maker goes anywhere
OXX's COFFEEBOXX coffee maker is water-resistant, dust-proof, crush-proof, and all kinds of other proofs, allowing it be used in places where other devices can't go. read more
AirStrato drones give military performance at "affordable" prices
The growth in the availability of drones over the last few years has been explosive. In tracking the trend, we've covered everything from pocket-sized consumer quadcopters to Predator military models. A Romanian NGO, however, is promising that its new drone will fill an untouched gap in the market. read more
ThyssenKrupp unveils revolutionary multi-directional elevator concept
ThyssenKrupp has unveiled an innovative Willy Wonka-like elevator system that allows horizontal movement, and makes complex lift shafts featuring large numbers of lifts possible. The technology poses significant implications for the future of tall buildings. read more
Poo-powered bus splashes down in the UK
One man's waste is another's man's bus fuel, so the saying might now go. Indeed, next time people in the UK go for a number two, they could be powering the number two bus. Geneco's new Bio-Bus is powered by gas generated via the treatment of sewage and food waste. read more
Xhibitionist superyacht knows how to party
Next time you have a party to organize, there may be one more venue to add to the shortlist. The Nedship Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht design has been penned with the express purpose of hosting celebrations and soirées for up to 600 guests. read more

The Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 + Aerial Camera
Happy Cyber Monday take an additional 10% off The Extreme Micro Drone and every thing else in the Gizmag Store using coupon code HAPPYCM10. We're all about toys that'll keep us entertained for DAYS and the Micro Drone 2.0 does exactly that. It's durable, extremely fun to fly and it's technological capabilities are tough to beat. PLUS, it's the only micro drone in the world that can carry a camera for videography and photography function with a swiveling lens to capture all angles.
read more


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