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Hayabusa 2 launches on asteroid bombing mission

Hayabusa 2 launches on asteroid bombing mission
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) confirmed that the Hayabusa2 probe was successfully launched today at 1:22:04 pm JST from the Tanegashima Space Center on a mission to not only land on an asteroid, but to bomb it. read more
Around The Home
Roland Iten's Calibre R822 "Predator" – the world's most expensive belt buckle
At US$400,000 (belt not included) the Predator exists in a realm above ultra-luxury. If you see a man wearing a Roland Iten belt buckle, and his pants are down, that's no accident. You can be damn sure those pants are down for a reason, and you'd better plan your next move accordingly. read more
NASA unveils countdown clock for the 21st century
After almost half a century of service, NASA is replacing its historic launch countdown clock with a high-tech LED version that makes its public debut on Thursday during the launch of the Orion EFT-1 mission. read more
World's fastest 2D camera captures 100 billion frames per second
Using a technique called Compressed Ultrafast Photography, researchers from Washington University in St.Louis have built a camera that is able to capture images at a rate of up to 100 billion frames per second: fast enough to capture the propagation of light. read more
Vauxhall adds 1.0-liter Viva to small car lineup
Vauxhall continues to expand its small car range, with the release of the latest Viva. It will sit alongside the Adam and Corsa in Vauxhall's lineup, and shares their 1.0-liter ECOTEC engine. read more
Health and Wellbeing
MisterBrightLight standing desk knows when to get you out of your seat
We've kept a pretty keen eye on the standing desk movement here at Gizmag. The team behind MisterBrightLight is the latest to take a stand on the stubborn nature of standard office furniture, launching a smart desk whose height can be adjusted by hand gestures when you've been seated for too long. read more
The Nubrella wearable umbrella gets a new look
About four years ago, we took a look at the Nubrella, a hands-free wearable umbrella that looked like a rain-deflecting space helmet. Sensing a bit of lack of enthusiasm for the original design, Nubrella's designers have developed rain-deflecting space helmet 2.0. read more
Around The Home
Hands-on with the Danalock electronic lock
Gizmag tests the Danlock electronic lock, which allows multiple users access to virtual door keys through a combination of Bluetooth, Z-wave protocol, smartphone apps, and a sophisticated web portal. Though we find some of the features to be buggy, Danalock's implementation still holds promise. read more
De-icing system targets wind farm efficiency in cold climates
Given that the sterotypical image of the world's northern regions involves howling winds, why don't we see more wind turbines in such places? Well, it's largely because those turbines' blades would ice up a lot. The Windheat Project is aiming to change that, with a wind turbine de-icing system. read more
Boeing aircraft makes world's first "green diesel"-powered flight
Almost a year ago, Boeing announced that it was looking into running airliners on a mixture of jet fuel and "green diesel." Now, the corporation followed through on that plan, flying its ecoDemonstrator 787 flight test airplane on the fuel blend. read more
Scrap metal Bike Shift Lever cuts costs for cyclists
Many people can't afford to buy decent bicycle parts when their old ones wear out. That's why One Street Components has announced a new project, which will allow partnering groups to make shift levers from materials including scrap aluminum and bottle caps. read more
Mobile Technology
Amazon Fire HD 6 review: Decent tablet, killer price
As the quality of tablets has gone up, the minimum cost to get a halfway decent one has gone down. Read on, as Gizmag reviews one of Amazon's most aggressively-priced products yet, the US$99 Fire HD 6 tablet. read more
Flat-packed Mini House 2.0 has electricity and a fitted kitchen
The virtues of a simple, low-cost and sustainable lifestyle have driven the growth of the tiny house movement. Jonas Wagell's Mini Houses embody these values. Having initially been designed as a weekend cabin or guest house, the Mini House is now in its second iteration. read more
Study shows CO2 causes global warming faster than feared
Any given CO2 emission will have its maximum warming effect just 10 years later, new research shows. The Institute of Physics (IOP) says this research, published in full on the web today, has "dispelled a common misconception" that the warming effects of CO2 emissions aren't felt for decades. read more
Wearable Electronics
Pinto puts wireless storage on your wrist
Pinto is a wrist-worn storage device that lets users securely and conveniently store their files. It's being pitched as an alternative to cloud storage, connects via Bluetooth and even makes use of wireless charging. read more
New 1035 hp Ferrari FXX K hybrid based on LaFerrari
Ferrari's new 1035-hp, 900-Nm FXX K (for KERS) hybrid is based on the 950-hp limited-edition LaFerrari hybrid supercar is part of a new R&D programme similar to the 599XX and FXX programmes which involve laboratory cars designed for the track and reserved for Ferrari client test drivers. read more
Intel updates Stephen Hawking's comms system
With exception of a new voice in 2004, Stephen Hawking's input interface has remained much the same for decades. Now Intel has created a new system called the Assistive Context Aware Toolkit that allows him to carry out tasks much faster than before. read more
Sinclair ZX Spectrum reborn as a retro console
The Sinclair ZX Spectrum made a big impact on the UK home computer scene back in the 1980s. A new crowdfunding campaign aims to launch a new console based on the venerable "Speccy" that's endorsed by Sir Clive himself. read more
Audi makes fuel cells look good with the A7 Sportback h-tron
At this year's LA Auto Show, Audi showed a sportier, more luxurious side to fuel cells in the A7 Sportback h-tron quattro. Ingolstadt calls it the "first performance fuel cell vehicle." read more
Chemists create clever rewritable paper
Chemists at the University of California, Riverside have created rewritable paper that can be printed on and erased many times before it needs to be discarded, offering a proposed alternative to current rampant paper consumption and real hope for achieving the promised "paperless office." read more
Detection of super-Earth transit puts ground-based telescopes in the hunt
For the first time, astronomers have detected the transit of a super-Earth in front of a nearby Sun-like star, which could see ground-based telescopes more widely used in categorizing the growing numbers of exoplanets expected to be discovered in the next few years. read more
Micronautix Triton concept aircraft: Passengers get a front seat too
This beautiful concept aircraft design is all about reconnecting plane passengers with the beauty and majesty of flight by actually letting them see out a front window. The Triton features two separate cabin pods with forward-facing windows for full panoramic passenger views. read more

Journey Into the Hidden Web: A Guide For New Researchers
This manual will take you on a tour through the many levels of the deep web, starting with the databases where you can find information only accessible to those who know the secrets to accessing them…
read more


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