New ultrasound research creates holographic objects that can be seen and felt

New ultrasound research creates holographic objects that can be seen and felt
A new technique being developed by researchers at the University of Bristol promises to revolutionize haptic feedback technology by using projected ultrasound to directly create floating, 3D shapes that can be seen and felt in mid-air. read more
Smart dust could put telescopes in a spray can
Good things come in small packages – and sometimes in aerosol cans. To prove this, scientists are working on technology for future space telescopes that may one day see the giant instruments replaced by swarms of particles that are deployed from a can and herded into place by laser beams. read more
Good Thinking
Orbitkey opens door to keyring sales success
Growing tired of keys jangling around in his pockets while jogging, Charles Ng set about building a rudimentary clamp that bound them together. He is now selling his Orbitkey by the tens of thousands. We had a chat with Ng about how his take on the keyring unlocked serious start-up success. read more
Around The Home
Grande Infinity combines watch safe with precision pendulum clock
Do you want a moderne-style grandfather clock and a high-tech watch display with built-in winder safe, but don't have room for both? Then consider the Grande Infinity from Buben & Zorweg, which combines a precision pendulum-movement clock with a state-of-the-art display case and safe. read more
Artificial Wind Tree provides a fig leaf for unsightly turbines
Generally speaking, wind turbines are banished to uninhabited countryside, or even out to sea.A French entrepreneur says that sculpting them in the form of artificial trees could see them more widely adopted in urban centers, making use of weaker winds that circulate around buildings and streets. read more
Mobile Technology
Apple patents active fall protection to give iPhones a soft landing
Apple has been awarded a fascinating patent on technology that can detect when a smartphone has been dropped, work out how far it is to the ground, and forcibly adjust the phone's rotation in mid-air so that it lands in a way least likely to damage critical components. read more
Spaceport Australia prepares for lift-off
Plans are afoot to establish a spaceport in Australia. The town of Rockhampton in Queensland is one of three locations currently being considered as a potential site for the base which would focus primarily on space tourism. read more
EcoSafe Digester: Big data, less waste
New York-based BioHitech has created the Eco Digester to help companies deal safely with their food waste, converting it into grey water that is then transported through standard sewer lines. BioHitech taps the power of big data to monitor and improve the performance of the units. read more
Researchers replicate crucial step in photosynthesis
Researchers at the Australian National University are one step closer to creating an artificial photosynthesis system after replicating one of its crucial steps. The development may lead to an abundant source of hydrogen, a cheap and clean fuel that could replace all petroleum products. read more
Home Entertainment
Eyeteq is claimed to improve TV viewing for the colorblind
There may soon be help for red-green colorblind TV viewers. UK company Spectral Edge has announced its Eyeteq system, which reportedly "allows color-blind viewers to better differentiate between red and green when watching programs, allowing them to see details they previously could not." read more
Orion ready for Thursday's launch
Orion is go for launch, as NASA and aerospace industry officials confirmed that the EFT-1 mission to test the deep-space capsule designed to carry astronauts beyond low Earth orbit has been given the final clearance for launch on Thursday morning. read more
Electronic implants treat staph infections, and then dissolve
Scientists have developed infection-treating implants that simply dissolve into the body once they've served their purpose. Depending on how they're made, they can be tweaked to last anywhere from a matter of minutes up to a few weeks. read more
ESA transmits satellite images in near real-time via Space Data Highway
The ESA has successfully linked up the Sentinel-1A and Alphasat satellites via laser, transmitting data across almost 36,000 km of space. The link allows for the delivery of data to Earth in near real time. read more
Water pipe-inspection robot designed to have a light touch
When it comes to robots that perform internal inspections of water pipes, virtually all of them move along on rubber tires or treads. The European Union TRACT project is instead developing a propeller-driven inspection robot, that keeps the pipe-touching to a minimum. read more
Review: LeapPad 3 kids' tablet
The LeapPad 3 is LeapFrog's latest offering and if you're on the fence about whether it's something you'd like to get for your child this Christmas, here's our review to help you decide read more
Designs revealed for Helsinki Guggenheim
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation's 11-member jury has announced its shortlist of designs for Helsinki's proposed Guggenheim museum. A veritable gaggle of Guggenheims – some 1,715 submissions – were whittled down to just six concepts from relatively lesser-known architecture firms. read more
The Magnet holds your smartphone while it records your finger-pickin' prowess
Playing back recorded video of string picking in super slow motion can help when trying to nail minor technique problems, but mounting a weighty camcorder to a guitar is not really very practical. The Magnet allows a smartphone to be attached to a guitar to record and playback up close footage. read more
Science discovers how to make the "perfect" chocolate coating
To make mid-morning snacks a bit less harrowing, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute have studied the white film that sometimes forms on chocolate and have come up with the answer for how to prevent it. read more
A smarter greener deodorant stick? Hmmm...
A new Kickstarter aims to make deodorant more environmentally friendly by cutting back on plastic packaging. By replacing the disposable stick with a reusable dispenser, ClickStick's designers claim plastic waste is cut by 90 percent. But is the good work undone by overcomplicating a simple product? read more
Aquaponic urban farm puts seniors to work
Among the oft-cited benefits of urban farming are improved food security and production sustainability. According to Spark Architects, its Homefarm concept would achieve not only these, but improved health and community spirit among Singapore seniors. read more
Fraunhofer developing flying inventory robots to keep tabs on stock
The Fraunhofer Institute's InventAIRy Project is developing a new flying robotic drone that not only takes over the drudgery of stock taking, but also acts as a new tool for record keeping and streamlining warehouse operations. read more
New drug promises to reverse the progression of Multiple Sclerosis
Teams from UC Riverside and New York's Rockefeller University have both used the same compound, indazole chloride, to successfully reverse the progression of MS in mice. The drug appears to be able to stimulate the regeneration of the myelin sheath, and dramatically reduce symptoms. read more

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