Review: Google Nexus 6

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Review: Google Nexus 6
At what point does a phone get so big that it becomes a tablet? Whether you call it a huge phone, small tablet or just a "phablet," Google's Nexus 6 is a beast. Read on, as Gizmag reviews one of the best ... mobile devices of the year. read more
New method could lead to cheap, spray-on solar power for flexible surfaces
The SprayLD system developed by University of Toronto researchers is capable of blasting colloidal quantum dots onto films and plastic, a new method for spraying solar cells onto flexible surfaces. This could one day see them coat anything from bicycle helmets to outdoor furniture. read more
Drysdale's unique 2-wheel drive, 2-wheel steering motorcycle up for grabs
The Dryvtech 2x2x2 experimental motorcycle prototype is up for sale on eBay. It's a truly unique vehicle that drives AND steers with both wheels, using hydraulics instead of mechanical connections. Gizmag spoke with inventor Ian Drysdale about the bike, the build and why he won't be buying it back. read more
World's largest capacity container ship embarks on maiden voyage
The world's largest capacity container ship has set off on its maiden voyage. Measuring 400 m (1,312 ft) in length and 58.6 m (192 ft) wide, the CSCL Globe can carry 19,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) shipping containers. read more
New Horizons Pluto probe awakes
Having traveled 2.9 billion miles from Earth, NASA's New Horizons deep space probe has woken itself up from hibernation mode as it begins preparations for its flyby of Pluto and its moons next July. read more
UNSW researchers set world record in solar energy efficiency
Solar researchers working at the University of New South Wales claim to have produced a system that converts over 40 percent of incoming sunlight into electricity, thereby taking the title of highest solar efficiency for a photovoltaic system ever reported. read more
Dawn space probe gets best look yet at Ceres
The Dawn spacecraft has lifted the veil on another corner of the Solar System as it took its best image yet of the dwarf planet Ceres. The nine-pixel-wide image was taken from a distance of 740,000 mi (1.2 million km) from Ceres as part of the final calibration of Dawn's science camera. read more
Compound kills off malaria by making infected cells appear as aging red blood cells
Research St Jude Children's Research Hospital suggests that a compound called (+)-SJ733 sees the body's immune system treat malaria-infected cells the same way it does aging red blood cells, leading to the parasite becoming undetectable in mice within 48 hours. read more
Ammonia-based battery system to convert low-grade waste heat into electricity
Engineers at Penn State University have produced an ammonia-based battery that not only captures and converts waste heat into electricity economically and efficiently, but is also claimed to do so at a greater power capacity than other similar systems. read more
Wearable Electronics
Responsive "Bionic Bra" adjusts to breast movement
Almost one in five women avoid exercise because of breast-related problems such as pain, breast bounce and not being able to find the right sports bra. The Bionic Bra, which quickly adjusts to breast movement, providing more - or less - support as required, should provide welcome relief. read more
Mercedes celebrates F1 success with a pair of 585 hp, 300 km/h SL 63 Roadsters
Mercedes dominated the 2014 Formula One season, with a one-two in the Drivers Championship and a comfortable first placing in the Constructors Championship. To celebrate, the German manufacturer has created two special edition SL 63 AMG Roadsters. Just 38 will be built. read more
SPOFEC tweaks the Rolls Royce Wraith
The Wraith may be the showpiece for what the modern incarnation of Rolls-Royce can do in engineering as well as style, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. At least, that's what car customizer SPOFEC seems to think as it offers its upgrade package for the luxury coupé. read more
Subconscious Menu knows what you want – it can see it in your eyes
Choosing your own pizza toppings from a number of options might seem like a daunting task, but perhaps it isn't as hard as you think ... perhaps your subconscious already knows what you want. That's the thinking behind Pizza Hut's new eye-tracking Subconscious Menu. read more
Home Entertainment
Buttkicker lets San Jose Sharks fans feel the game, from the bottom up
Watching hockey games on your TV at home isn't as exciting as being there in person, although the San Jose Sharks want to change that. Using the Buttkicker kit, they want to let home-viewing Sharks fans feel all the board hits through their couches. read more
Around The Home
Bondic takes a "light" approach to sticking things together
Bondic is described as a "liquid plastic welder" that sets within four seconds, but only once it's been exposed to an included UV light. This means you can work with it until you're ready for it to harden. read more
Orion splashes down
Another chapter in the history of spaceflight was written today at 8:29am PST, as the EFT-1 mission ended with the splashdown of the Orion capsule in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Baja California. read more
myPORT app unlocks doors and calls elevators for you
There are plenty of systems that use an app-running smartphone instead of a key to unlock doors. A new app not only wants to do that, but wants to give you a seamless journey through buildings. myPORT provides building access, calls elevators and sends intercom feeds to your phone. read more
Tentsile releases Vista multi-story tree tent
Just a few months after releasing its smallest, lightest, and most affordable tree-tent, British firm Tentsile is back. The Vista sports a removable roof and an ability to accommodate a number of additional stories. read more
Orion blasts into space
NASA reentered the field of manned spaceflight as it launched the first Orion crew capsule into space today at 7:05 am EST from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station atop a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy booster on a four and a half hour flight. read more
Future asthma treatment may target trigger allergens
Scientists have identified a compound that binds to a major dust mite allergen, inhibiting it. The compound has been developed into an inhalable powder that could shift asthma treatment from relief of symptoms to inhibition of allergens (and, by extension, partial prevention of attacks). read more

Limited Edition Black Drone + Camera: The Dark Knight Of The Sky Is Here!
What's not to love? It's an insanely fun drone to fly and it can also capture some serious video footage as well. This powerful little drone is the size of your palm and with 6-axis gyro technology it makes for an extremely smooth flight. With a flight time of about 10 minutes, this is a great introductory drone for anyone looking to dominate the sky read more


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