Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Apart from growing bigger (and bigger), the fundamental design of the smartphone hasn't changed a lot since the first iPhone. But Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge, with its curved "Edge Display," is the rare phone that breaks the mold. Is it worth buying? Read on, as Gizmag reviews the Galaxy Note Edge. read more
The world's most valuable barn find ever: 60 rare cars untouched for 50 years
Proof that priceless automotive barn finds are still out there is the discovery of 60 cars untouched for 50 years on a French farm included four Ferraris, eight Delahayes, a Hispano Suiza H6B, a Maserati A6G and nine Talbot Lagos. Sure enough, one of the Ferrari's was a California Spider. read more
Protein that regulates protein production could also control fat levels
One protein long-known to regulate protein synthesis has demonstrated that it can also control fat levels in worms, leading researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) to think that the version found in the human body could provide a new target for fat-fighting pharmaceuticals. read more
Volvo claims XC90 T8 hybrid is world's most powerful and cleanest SUV
Volvo has finally revealed the full details of the T8 powertrain that will power the plug-in hybrid version of its XC90 SUV. It combines an electric motor with Volvo's supercharged and turbocharged Drive-E four cylinder engine. read more
Ethiopia's Agriculture ministry rolls out specialized phone service for farmers
The Ethiopian government has rolled out a new phone service that farmers can call to get information on crops in their native languages. The 8028 service also "pushes" targeted information to people in certain areas. read more
Land Rover Discovery Sport arrives in showrooms ... virtually
Land Rover is putting its new Discovery Sport in the showrooms all 117 of its retailers in the UK … sort of. Instead of actual cars, the company is offering virtual 3D versions of the Sport that customers can take a tour of using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. read more
Mini ups the ante with its most powerful car ever
The power output of Mini's John Cooper Works continues to grow. For the latest John Cooper Works, Mini has managed to serve up 231 hp (172 kW), making it the brand's most powerful car ever. read more
MESSENGER finds signs of Mercury meteor showers
NASA's unmanned MESSENGER orbiter has uncovered evidence that the planet Mercury is subject to the same sort of periodic meteor showers as the Earth, only instead of a light show, it produces a spike in calcium in the planet's exosphere. read more
Rolls-Royce sets sail for robotic shipping with virtual bridge concept
Rolls-Royce and its partners are expanding on their ideas for a virtual bridge that could soon lead to a future where the line between manned and robotic ships becomes completely blurred. read more
Around The Home
Review: aerelight OLED lamp
While OLED technology is increasingly being applied to things like TVs, it can also serve as an efficient form of lighting. Canada's OTI Lumionics has developed its own cost-effective OLED lighting system, and incorporated it into the $239 aerelight. We recently got to try one out. read more
Mobile Technology
Moto X (2014) vs. Droid Turbo: Up close
There are a few key differences between Motorola's Moto X and Droid Turbo worth delving in to, so we dove in to see how they stack up in a head-to-head comparison. read more
Ferrari celebrates a lifetime of beautiful design with the Sergio convertible
While not nearly as visually radical as the original Pininfarina Sergio concept presented at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the 458-based limited-edition Sergio production car has a distinct look and cranked up performance. read more
ESA sending crude oil into space
The European Space Agency (ESA) is shipping crude oil into space. This may seem like the worst market in the Universe to expand into, but there's method behind this petroleum madness. read more
Frameblock turns a bike into its own lock
Carrying a bike lock while cycling can be a hassle, which is why some companies have started developing built-in locks. One of the latest, the Frameblock, is actually part of the frame. That way, if a thief cuts through it, they're left with a damaged bike that they won't want. read more
Rockochet aims to make skateboarding a little safer
One risk skateboarders face is large rocks that can cause the rider to trip forward. A new device called Rockochet aims to fix that, by sitting in front of the wheels and deflecting rocks away – leading to a safer, smoother ride. read more
Autonomous sub explores the depths on its own
Although it's tempting to refer to vehicle in the photo above as an ROV – a Remote-Operated Vehicle – the whole idea behind it is that it doesn't require an operator. The MOS/AUV (Move on Sensing/Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) is designed to find its own way along the bottom of the sea. read more
Around The Home
Sunn Light: A smart light that mimics the sun's movements
No device can replace the feeling of being outside in the sunshine, but a good smart light could perhaps make spending time indoors more pleasant. Sunn Light is an LED light that changes its level of brightness automatically throughout the day to mimic the natural rhythm of the sun in your area. read more
Electronic skin can sense the direction in which it's being touched
Microstructures in the ridges of human skin inspired a Korean team to create a stretchable artificial skin that can detect the intensity, location, and direction of pressure, whether from an object or a mere gust of wind. read more
Impressive green home emerges from a tiny block of land
Australia's Schulberg Demkiw architecture studio has recently completed an innovative new home in Melbourne's beach side suburb of Elwood which boasts a 6 star Green Rating and sits on small 9 by 12 meter (29 ft x 39ft) piece of land. read more
Glasgow scientists create chemical evolution
A University of Glasgow team led by Professor Lee Cronin, the Regius Chair of Chemistry, has developed the world's first chemical system capable of evolving as part of a project that aims at creating synthetic "life" without DNA. read more

The 6 Ft. iOS + Micro-USB Charging Cable
With this handy 6-foot long, MFi-Certified charging cable you will never have to worry about your charging cable not being able to reach an outlet. It's compatible with both Lightning devices (aka iPhones + iPads) and Micro-USB devices, such as Android phones and tablets as well as a ton of other electronics. Even better the price includes FREE global shipping! read more


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