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The top 10 things you DON'T NEED for Christmas 2014

Good Thinking
The top 10 things you DON'T NEED for Christmas 2014
Some ideas break new ground, others are just destined to break. Creative minds can't always be saving the world, and what a boring place that world would be without all the bewilderment and fun that off the wall inventiveness brings. read more
Cadillac chases 200 mph with new 640 hp CTS-V
The Cadillac CTS-V has always been a slightly left-of-center choice for those after a big, fast car. With its third generation CTS-V, Cadillac has combined a more sophisticated chassis with a supercharged V8, producing 640 hp (477 kW). read more
FDA approves blood test that predicts risk of coronary heart disease
A new blood test that helps predict the future risk of heart disease has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The PLAC test screens for cardiovascular inflammation which can lead to a build up of rupture prone-plaque and result in a heart attack or stroke. read more
Wearable Electronics
Tips & tricks for the Samsung Gear VR
The first consumer version of the Oculus Rift isn't quite here yet, but Galaxy Note 4 owners can already get an Oculus-powered experience on Samsung's Gear VR. If you're among the early adopters rocking Samsung's virtual reality headset, read on for Gizmag's tips and tricks. read more
Around The Home
Hoover lets vacuum owners 3D print their own accessories
3D printing technology may be some way off producing fully functional household appliances, but tiny steps are being made toward helping us out with our domestic duties. Hoover has today unveiled two designs for vacuum accessories, freely available to all through online marketplace Thingiverse. read more
Health and Wellbeing
Non-invasive MRI technique picks up early signs of Alzheimer's disease
Research has indicated that limiting the buildup of brain plaques could be key to tackling Alzheimer's disease, but scientists from Northwestern University are digging a little deeper. They have devised a new technique capable of detecting the toxins that accumulate to form these plaques early on. read more
Mobile Technology
Essential tips to keep your smartphone secure
Your smartphone is more than a communication and entertainment device in your pocket. It's a powerful computer with tons of your personal and private data stored within, just like your home or work computer. Here are some basic tips that will help keep your smartphone and the data on it protected. read more
Health and Wellbeing
3D printed Exo-Prosthetic leg designed to be affordable – and beautiful
Although 3D printing enables fast, accessible, low cost production of prostheses, the same can't be said for aesthetics. The Exo-Prosthetic leg uses 3D scanning, modeling and printing to create a customizable titanium exoskeleton that replicates the exact form of the amputated limb. read more
The coolest water toys of 2014
The year in water toys kicked off in a big way at Boot Düsseldorf 2014 in January and it ran strong the year through. In fact, we'd say the past year saw reveals and market launches of some of the coolest water toys in recent history. read more
Urban Transport
johanson3 electric cargo trike keeps the rider standing, and tilts into turns
Electric scooters are becoming an increasingly viable form of economical and eco-friendly urban transport. That said, many of them aren't set up to do much more than carry a single rider. Begium's Neerman Transport is looking to change that, with its johanson3 electric cargo trike. read more
BioP3 technology could be an alternative to bioprinting organs
When we hear about projects that may someday make it possible to create internal organs on demand, they usually incorporate 3D bioprinting. While the technology definitely holds a lot of promise, a device known as the BioP3 could give it a run for its money. read more
Samsung reveals 34-inch curved ultra-wide monitor
Samsung, a company generally regarded as one of the best display manufacturers out there, has just announced an impressive-looking 34-inch curved computer monitor. The company has already released an abundance of curved monitors, including its giant 105-inch model. read more
Digital Cameras
2014 High-End Mirrorless Camera Comparison Guide
Now is a great time to be in the market for a top-of-the-range mirrorless camera, but picking the right one can be difficult. Luckily Gizmag is here to help, by comparing the specifications and features of some of the best mirrorless cameras available in 2014. read more
Good Thinking
SIMVIZ simulates visual impairments with see-through VR display
A low-cost virtual reality and camera setup makes it possible for people with normal vision to see the edge-blurring of glaucoma or the clouded, fogged-up vision of a cataract, or even the confusing hue-challenged sights of a colorblind person – with their own eyes. read more
Madrid upgrades to smart lights in world's largest street lighting project
Philips has announced that it plans to upgrade the city lighting of Madrid, Spain, with internet-connected LEDs. A total of 225,000 street lights will be replaced, in what the company says is the largest such project to date. The city will benefit from improved efficiency, costs and light quality. read more
Kuma takes a minimalist approach to camping utensils
With objects you need to take camping or that you need to keep on you at all times, portability is key. Reducing camping cutlery down to an absolute minimum is the approach Micah Baclig has taken with his new spork. The Kuma fits into the palm of a hand. read more
ESA carries out asteroid impact drill
If we did learn that an asteroid was actually going to strike the Earth in a month, what would the authorities do? To find out, the European Space Agency (ESA) held its first ever mock asteroid drill to work on solutions and identify problems in how to handle such a catastrophe. read more
New 3D printing algorithm creates Christmas trees with zero material waste
A new 3D printer algorithm claims to provide super-efficient 3D printing of Christmas trees with zero material waste, and also promises a way to produce accurate molds for casting chocolate Santas and reindeer too. read more
Lamborghini and Pirelli combine for special-edition Aventador
Lamborghini and Pirelli have come together to celebrate over 50 years of collaboration. To mark the occasion, the Italian auto maker has unveiled its Aventador LP 700-4 Pirelli Edition, a styling special that goes on sale in 2015. read more
Novel Bojotar blends guitar, resonator and banjo into new hybrid
When accomplished string picker Bow Thayer couldn't find an instrument that catered for finger-pickin' and steel slidin' and banjo rollin' all in one place, he designed his own. Meet the Bojotar. read more

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