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World's oldest computer may be older than previously thought

World's oldest computer may be older than previously thought
Since its discovery over a century ago, the Antikythera Mechanism has had scholars scratching their heads over how the Greeks managed to build a mechanical computer. But now researchers claim that it's over a hundred years older than previously believed and may have been built by a famous hand. read more
Home Entertainment
Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker promises better sound all round
Hong Kong-based startup Crazybaby has revealed a levitating Bluetooth speaker that floats above its charging station to promise improved sound quality. The Mars speakers follows the Om/One, the first speaker of its type, but does appear to pack in a few additional features. read more
Resveratrol in red wine could help cut alcohol-related cancer risk
With the festive season upon us, many people will indulge in more alcohol than usual. Alcohol consumption is a major risk factor for some cancers – however, a recent study shows that the chemical resveratrol found in grape skins and in red wine may help prevent cancer as well. read more
Around The Home
Somabar robotic bartender cranks out cocktails in under five seconds
While there's enjoyment to be had sipping on fancy cocktails, making drinks of such sophistication involves a certain expertise. Wanting to make this life of luxury a little more accessible, the Somabar team built a robotic bartending machine that spits out craft cocktails at the push of a button. read more
Superconducting coil to slash costs and improve efficiency of direct-drive wind turbines
Dr Shahriar Hossain from the University of Woolongong in Australia is looking to overcome the problems posed by gearboxes in wind turbines by replacing them with a superconducting coil to slash production costs and drastically improve efficiency. read more
Oru updates its foldable kayak into the new Bay+
The Oru origami-style kayak made a big splash in the foldable boat market, raising close to $450K on Kickstarter and earning all kinds of media and industry attention. Rather than resting on its accomplishments, Oru has designed the upgraded Bay+. read more
Aston Martin DB10 to co-star in next Bond film
Tthe announcement at Pinewood Studios that the next 007 epic, Spectre, begins production on December 8 was overshadowed a bit when Aston Martin together and EON Productions unveiled the new Aston Martin DB10, which will "co-star" in the film. read more
Bionic Runner offers a low-impact take on traditional running
Running may be a great source of exercise, but it isn't exactly a low-impact workout. That's why Australian startup Run4 developed the Bionic Runner. It looks like a seatless bicycle and is designed to replicate the motion of running, but without the "hard landing" at the bottom of every stride. read more
Update: NASA announces new Orion launch date
NASA has announced that the Orion EFT-1 mission launch has been rescheduled for 7:05 am EST on Friday. read more
Tulip solar power system gets its first commercial application
For five years now, an experimental Tulip concentrating solar power plant has been operating at a kibbutz in Israel. Soon, however, the world's first commercial Tulip plant will be built for a paying client, in Ethiopia. read more
Around The Home
Light Bandit pipes sunlight through your home
In order to get sunlight into the home, one has to simply open the curtains, but what about parts of a room that aren't near a window? Light Bandit captures the sunlight from a window and allows you to use that light on the other side of a room. read more
Short-scale P245 single cutaway electric to make NAMM debut
The 2015 NAMM trade show is but weeks away and PRS Guitars will be taking along a rather intriguing vintage-inspired single-cutaway guitar called the P245. What makes this particular solid body PRS interesting is the inclusion of a piezo pickup system in addition to two in-house magnetic humbuckers. read more
Clever unit turns Tokyo bedsit into adaptable partitioned apartment
Making good use of a small room often needs clever thinking. Designs like the All I Own House and Kitoko Studio's maid's room conversion in Paris use sliding furniture to reconfigure space as required. A Tokyo bedsit does the same and to the same effect, but in a much simpler way. read more
European Extremely Large Telescope gets final go-ahead
The ESO has given its European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) the final green light, allowing construction to go ahead. The telescope is expected to take around a decade to complete, with the final installation expected to facilitate discoveries in galaxy composition and exoplanets. read more
Orion EFT-1 launch scrubbed
NASA's return to manned spaceflight was delayed today as the scheduled launch of the Orion EFT-1 mission was cancelled due to a series of mishaps. read more
Tiny Heirloom offers a luxurious small living experience
Oregon City-based small home firm Heirloom recently unveiled a luxurious off-grid home that comes with an excellent finish and more amenities that you'd probably expect for its size. In addition, an automated house control system that works via an iOS or Android device will soon be available too. read more
Nanotube film could replace defective retinas
A promising new study suggests that a wireless, light-sensitive, and flexible nanotube-semiconductor nanocrystal film could potentially form part of a prosthetic device to replace damaged or defective retinas. read more
Health and Wellbeing
Embrace medical-quality smartwatch predicts seizures
The Embrace is the first medical-quality smartwatch that helps predict epileptic seizures, and measure stress, activity and sleep. Designed to improve the lives of people with epilepsy, the sleek-looking device can also be worn purely as a stylish watch. read more

The Panther Air Drone with HD Camera A Giant Quadcopter With Flip Stunt Mode
The Panther Air Drone is not your average quadcopter. With its unusually large size yet light durable foam body, the Panther boasts a 4.5 channel radio control to seamlessly maneuver forward, backward, up and down, rotate, and coast laterally. Capture snapshots and video footage of the world below, all seamlessly controlled from the 2.4GHz transmitter. Last but not least, the Panther has a built in 360-degree flip stunt mode so you can pull off smooth loops with just the press of a button. read more


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